Macaron Masterclass

After a lot of work and behind the scenes action, we are really happy to announce to you guys that we are now offering a personal Macaron Masterclass for bakers, foodies and macaron enthusiasts of all levels, ages and experience.

The masterclass will offer the chance for you (and a friend if you book VIP) to attend and learn how to make one of the most revered forms of patisserie in the world.

It’s a very relaxed atmosphere and you will do every step along the way under my guidance, to create perfectly formed macarons which are delicious.

We have hosted over 10 masterclasses so far since the launch in November 2021, with a range of individuals attending for lots of different reasons – lover of macarons, keen bakers wanting to learn new skills, people who have made them before but not got it right.

If you want to know more, check out the masterclass page on our website or email us at You can even message to pre book future dates which suit your needs if you’re looking to purchase as a special gift for someone.