Why Just Macarons?

“Just macarons? that’s very niche”

“Why don’t you offer other things?”

At The Shropshire Macaron Co. we do only make macarons.  Only producing one product, allows us to make that product they very best it can be with no attention or focus being drawn or diversified.

We love macarons here, and we strongly believe focusing on one specialist product sets our macarons apart in consistency, quality, and most importantly TASTE!

Their endless flavour versatility is where we can be creative and what provides us the most fun.  Experimenting with new flavours is always on the agenda, drawing inspiration from iconic deserts, weird and wonderful ingredients, and seasonal fruit.

I started making macarons when I came back from university (when I could actually afford the ingredients), first batch was awful… but I got the bug to perfect them, bought a book on how to make them and practised every chance I got.

After inhaling kilos of icing sugar, suffering hundreds of cracked shells and countless baking tray burns, I was struck with inspiration: ‘Shropshire needs more macarons’